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Detox Salon Kunico

Detox Salon Kunico

Open : 11:00am – 20:00pm
Closed : Mondays

Reservation only
Please make a reservation on LINE/ HP or at 03(5738)7690.
Women only

Payment : Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Diners/JCB

My Motto

Detoxification is the base of beauty and health. By using two different axes, Indian traditional medicine, namely Ayurveda and French Thalassotherapy method, namely Algae pack, excrete waste matters from your body. And:

  • reduce pain and dullness
  • balance autonomic nervures system
  • normalize five senses
  • recharge your batteries.

Help you to recover from mental and muscle fatigue and supply energy for tomorrow by detoxification.



Body 100mins \18,700 (incl. c/tax) *First visit special \15,400 (17% OFF)

Ayurveda is the method of toxin excretion and purification.
By applying oil and giving massage with appropriate pressure to the body, separate/drainage wasted from the body
Effects : Metabolism/Anti-aging/Diet/Improvement of constitution

Algae Body/Facial (100% seaweed)

Body 70mins \17,600 *First visit special \15,840 (10% OFF)
Facial 60mins  \13,200

French thalassotherapy method of detoxification and constitution improvement.
By scrub → plasmalg gel → algae pack → cream, revitalize and balance the skin.
Effects : Supplement minerals & vitamins/Metabolism/Anti-aging/Improvement of constitution




Facial 90mins \18,700 (incl. c/tax) *First visit special \16,500 (12% OFF)

By back massage & pack → décolleté, neck & shoulder → lift-up facial → head massage, release your chronic stress and revive you.
Effects : Lift-up/relaxation/Anti-aging/whitening

Collagen Lymphatic Massage

Facial 90mins \16,500 (incl. c/tax) *First visit special \14,850 (10% OFF)

All hand treatment by high purity marine collagen. For all skin types. Massage stiff neck & shoulder carefully and tighten your face line
Effects : Moisturizing up/Lift-up/whitening/release stiffness neck & shoulder

Cyfolia Organic Eye & Face


Facial 70mins \15,400 (incl. c/tax)

BIO – Organic. Certified ECO-CERT COSMOS ORGANIC. Vegan friendly.
Refreshing around eyes.  
100% natural fragrance.
Face and eye massage treatment to make smooth-textured skin and to give high healing.

Effects : Activatory effect on Eyes/Lift-up/Anti-aging/Moisturizing up



Are there any matters to be attended after treatments?
It’s better not to drink that night. Toxin decomposition is done in liver, as same as alcohol decomposition is done.
How long does the effect go on?
The detoxification effect goes on for around 7-10days.After detoxification treatments, metabolism decrease for the moment and you might feel tired like after sports/hard exercise. Please have lots of water and take it easy. You will feel refreshed and lighted 2 days later at the latest.


When I worked for a foreign company as a financial controller, I got sick and suffered mentally and physically. By Ayurveda I reset my bad condition and realized the importance of detoxification for both mental and physical health.
I started to master Ayurveda around 10 years ago and then opened this salon in Oct, 2015, here in Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku.
In order to learn authentic Ayurveda, I visited Kerala, India and Sri Lanka in 2019.
To excrete waste matters form body and to charge minerals by Ayurveda/thalassotherapy, I hope to recover you mentally and physically and recharge energies for tomorrow!